6How to enter non-members

In Tokyo, there were more than 40 people infected with coronavirus every day, but today (June 17) 16 people were confirmed infected.

The number of infected people is becoming more subdued than before, but I would like to reduce the number of people who wear masks during the summer and not increase the number of infected people.

By the way, what I will introduce this time is "how to enter for non-members".
In the past, I entered with my name, address, and phone number on the back of the admission ticket.

6From April 16th, you will now be asked to fill out your name, etc., so please do not make a mistake.

Along with this, it has also been remade in front of the entrance gate, the vicinity of the temperature inspection entrance has been changed.
※ The photograph is a form.

In addition, the form is printed out at home and filled out, the format is posted a link to the homepage.
Please use it by all means.
You can also move to the form from here.

5March 19, reopened date has been decided

5The middle of January passed, and it becoming muggy little by little.
The rainy season in Shizuoka prefecture is just around the corner.

Well, as the title says, we have decided to reopen from June 2.
Omaezaki Citizen Pool Puru
Hamaoka Sports Ground
Omaezaki City B&G Marine Center
Omaezaki Playing Field
Omaezaki City Hall
Omaezaki City Bunka Kaikan

When we reopen our business, we have imposed restrictions on infectious disease countermeasures at each facility.
Please contact the facility for restrictions on each facility.

5May 13th Why don't you stretch the towel at home?

In Japan, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection is decreasing little by little, but there are reports that the number of people infected with coronavirus infection has increased again in Wuhan, China.

In Japan, we are now in the direction of lifting the declaration of a state of emergency, but we still have to tighten our concerns even after it is lifted.

By the way, "Towel Stretch" was held as an exercise class last year at Osaki City Pool Pururu.
It is a stretch to stretch the muscle that I do not usually use using a towel.
This content is extracted a little and made into a second kind of video. If I don't go out with coronavirus and stay at home, my muscles will decline, so I want to start with simple exercise and return to my normal life little by little.

In addition, there is a YOUTUBE channel of the citizen pool, so please register there.

4July 2, Puuru temporary closure

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Omaezaki City Pool Puruwill will be temporarily closed for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

When we reopen our business, all the staff members are doing a variety of work to make them feel good.

In addition, it becomes warm little by little, and the cherry blossoms of Pururu are beginning to bloom, too. It blooms for about two minutes now.

It is difficult to go out, but we will continue to inform you of the cherry blossom sprouts in the future.

The cherry blossoms of Pururu began to bloom.

I think that there are some people who are restricted from going out due to the coronavirus.
The Osaki Citizen's Pool is currently open, but we ask visitors to manage their physical condition.

By the way, spring is approaching, and cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom little by little.
When you visit the museum, you will be able to see it.

Notice of cancellation of the event

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will cancel the march classroom and event scheduled to be held at related facilities.
All of the following classrooms and events will be cancelled.

Citizen's pool
Pool classroom all classes
Studio classroom all classes
Hamaoka Sports Ground
Tennis class All classes
B&G Marine Center
Recreation in the gymnasium
Stretch pole & Pilates classroom
Trampoline classroom all classes
Cultural class
Culture class All classes

Citizen's pool
Physical fitness measurement meeting
Pool experience class
Studio experience classroom
Nordic Walk March
Sakura Festival and Workshop
March exercise class (elderly dumbbell training)
B&G Marine Center
Trampoline experience class
Sato Hiromichi's parent-child gymnastics
Let's experience Capoeira
B&G Run Run Elementary School Exercise Class Free Experience
B&G Runrun Infant Sports Class Free Experience
Ahiru Club
City Hall
Old Film Festival 2020
Hamaoka Sports Ground
The 15th Official Doubles Tennis Tournament

Open during the summer!Junior trampoline class announcements

 御前崎市B&G海洋センターでは、 競技用のトランポリンを使ったトランポリン教室を開催しております。

Notice of temporary staff recruitment



募集職種  フロント

定  員  3名~4名

時  給  890円

内  容  市民プールぷるるフロント業務

勤務時間  9:30~17:30(内1時間休憩)

勤務形態  週3~4日程度、土日祝日勤務できる方優先

資  格  18歳以上(高校生不可)~65歳までの男女

待  遇  制服貸出

問い合せ  市民プールぷるる 静岡県御前崎市宮内1581-1 担当山崎

O-Edo puppet theater "yaji-San Kita-San tonnhinnkann trip" was held.

今日はあの ひょっこりひょうたん島でお馴染み。





O-Edo puppet theater "yaji-San Kita-San tonnhinnkann trip ' of performance today!






料金:当日 大人1,800円/子供800円