Sports promotion

April 20: Cancellation of various classes

In Omaezaki City, the blockade of municipal parking lot was decided.
The effects of the national emergency declaration have also occurred close to home, and the number of people infected in Shizuoka Prefecture has increased day by day.
Gw is getting closer, but try not to stay at home as much as possible and not be infected with coronavirus.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various classrooms and events scheduled to be held will be canceled until the end of June.

We will refund the unheld amount, but we will contact you again after we reopen the business with regard to the refund period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding.
With regard to future business plans, we will contact you on our website and e-mail again, taking into account social conditions.
*See below for the classrooms and events covered.

Citizen's pool
First stage pool class all classes
First Studio Class All Classes
Hamaoka Sports Ground
First Stage Tennis Class All Classes
B&G Marine Center
Recreation in the gymnasium (5/9, 6/13)
First Stage Stretch Pole & Pilates Class
1st Runrun Early Childhood Exercise Class
First Stage Run Run Infant Exercise Class
First stage trampoline class all classes
Cultural class
・Cultural class April-June (practical writing basic class, Suzuki Reika painting class)

Citizen's pool
Nordic Walking Course (4/26, 5/23)
4/21 Exercise class (improve and prevent stiff shoulders and back pain)
Kids Dance Experience Class (4/22, 5/13, 5/20)
B&G Marine Center
・Trampoline "Pyeongpyeong" Experience Party 4/29 (Water Holiday)

Canoe experience event was held♪

A free canoeing experience in the outdoor pool was held!!
Of course, my friends who are looking forward to it every year♪
Everyone who took the canoe for the first time today was enjoying being able to row very well♪

Held a spray water battle

Today, we held our second water-like battle at Kinsu Square next to the B&G Marine Center.

Fine weather from the morning45 friends from nine teams participated in the battle under the blue sky.

The winner was a "naughty chatter". Congratulations.

A lot of friends participated, and it was a fun event. Thank you very much.

We look forward to seeing you next time.

SUP workshop held

This year's SUP experience was held for the third time.
Last time it was canceled due to a typhoon, but we were able to hold it today.
It's just windy.The condition was a little bad.

This time, my elementary school friends also participated, and i experienced the SUP experience as usual in the first half, and the second half of the big SUP.

Both were not in good condition this year, but it seemed to be enjoying it.

Held a spray water battle

Today we held the first water-tailed battle of this season at Shiokai Park in front of the B&G Marine Center.
This year is the third year of the event, but there are few participating teams every year.
In the meantime, 23 friends from four teams participated in this event.
The victory was won by the Manjardrico team. Indeed, the boys of elementary school are strong!!

The next event is scheduled to be held on Sunday, August 25. We are also looking for participating teams!
Adults can also participate, so we are waiting for your application.

For inquiries, please contact The Omaezaki City Marine Center.

SUP experience meeting held

SUP experience meeting was held at Marine Park in Omaezaki city today.
Sometimes it's sunny, so the weather is good.However, the waves were high and the event was held in difficult conditions.
There was a person who experienced this for the first time, but everyone was taking on the challenge boldly.
It is scheduled to be held on August 24 this season. There are still a few people available, so if you are interested, please depend on your company.

Organized sports weeding

At the Citizens Pool todaySports Weedingthe event of the event was held.
This event was held for the first time as an eco-friendly event to compete for the weight of grass taken in time.
It was 30 minutes and a short time, but everyone was working on the grass.
The first prestigious victory"Hase-e-waa-san" record 5,7kgIt was the victory in.
The staff did their best to lose, but it was 2.9kg.
We will continue to hold a variety of events in the future, so please look forward to it.

Trampoline Experience Class

Very popular trampoline experience classwill be held in March. (Please refer to the flyer for details.)
Please feel free to apply because it will be accepted by one phone call.
*The fee will be charged on the day.