The cherry blossoms of Pururu are in full bloom.

The cherry blossoms at Yosaki Citizen's Pool are in full bloom.
It is starting to scatter little by little, but I think that beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming by the end of this week.
When you pass nearby, how about taking a picture?

6September 19th, this summer

Today is the cold season of the rainy season with low temperatures.
From tomorrow, it is expected to be 28 degrees, and there is a difference in temperature of nearly 6 degrees celsius than today's expected maximum temperature.

In such a case, it is easy to get sick, so please be careful about your physical condition.

By the way, it is an outdoor pool that many people use every year、、、

"We will stop operating the outdoor pool this year to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection."

Nationwide, the number of infected people is still continuing, and coronavirus infection was discovered from outside the prefecture on June 19.
Based on this, we decided to cancel the service in consideration of the safety of the people who use it.
*The indoor pool, training room and bathroom are open.

Next year, we will make further preparations so that you can enjoy the outdoor pool under the blue sky.

Thank you for your understanding.

6The rainy season has entered Shizuoka Prefecture on October 10th.

Today, June 10(water)It was declared that shizuoka prefecture had entered the rainy season. (The rainy season is three days later than last year.)

At this time of year, the weather is worse than in May, so I tend to feel depressed.

In such a case, I want to do exercise and change my mind.

A new coronavirus infection has arrived in Atami city today.
I'm worried about my physical condition because I'm an elderly person this time.

After the business resumed, we received flowers from those who have been using it.
Lily and hydrangea.

The orange lily flower words are "brilliant" and "pleasant".

Hydrangea's flower language is "patient love."

Both are very beautiful, and it is a feeling that blows away feelings sunk in the rainy season just by looking at it.

6On September 9th, the pool studio's adult class application sat in.

It's been very hot during the day these days, and life using fans and air conditioners is gradually starting.

In recent years, air conditioners and fans have become a necessity as a measure against heat stroke.

Because of coronavirus, try not to forget heat stroke countermeasures.

Heat stroke...

1. Hydration (Let's take it frequently)
2. Salt supplementation (water alone does not compensate, so let's replenish it with a tablet or the like)
3. Use air conditioners well (use air conditioners, etc. without overdoing them when it's hot)
4. Try to dress cool (use a parasol or hat when you go out)

Let's take measures as described above.

By the way, the adult class of the pool studio classroom has started the application at Omaezaki citizen pool Puru.

I think that there is still anxiety due to the influence of coronavirus, but I hope you will join us.

Corona virus infection measures of Omaezaki Citizen Pool are posted on the top page.
⇒ Herehttps://pururu.org/

In addition, flyers and coronavirus infection measures of each classroom are also posted.
⇒ Herehttps://pururu.org/74388/各教室のご案内/

In addition, the classroom for children starts from each designated time for the studio classroom on June 13 and the pool classroom from the designated time on June 14. Please come to the museum so as not to make a mistake.

6March 3, second day of business reopening

The emergency situation was declared from May, and I think that there are a lot of people who refrained from work and going out in the self-restraint mood.
There are many people who have returned to work in June.

In addition, since it becomes easy to suffer from depression after a larger consecutive holidays than before, and the number of suicides is on the rise, I want to take good care of my heart.

Of course, there are many people who use exercise to take care of their minds.

Refresh your mind and body in the citizens' pool, which is reopening.

By the way, business resumed on June 2, and there were 431 visitors on the first day, and many people came on the first day.

While there are still many restrictions, thank you very much for coming.

With more than 400 people using it, the worry is to be "dense".

The sauna, dressing room, and warm room have small rooms, so please refrain from talking as much as possible.

6Opened on July 2nd.

It was very hot today, and the forecast was that the expected maximum temperature would exceed 30 degrees.
I'd like to take measures against heat stroke in earnest soon.

By the way, the Omaezaki Citizen's Pool reopened from June 2nd.
When entering, hand disinfection and temperature testing were performed.

It was the first day of business reopening, but we were able to resume business without any major confusion.

Business has resumed, but I would like you to use it carefully to three secret.

1. Sealing (Do not create environments or situations where ventilation is not possible)
2. Close (Let's take the distance (2m) with others)
3. Dense (Don't get together a lot of people or get close to a small group of people))

Especially, there are a lot of people in the business start time.
Because it tends to be close and dense, please enter calmly while giving in consideration of the distance of 2m each other.

5March 31 Introduction of changes in the facility

5It is the last day of January, and the season of the rainy season is coming to that point.
I often see people running on the road while they are closed in The Corona Countermeasures.
The temperature is getting higher, so be careful with heat stroke.

Well, the business of Puru will resume from June 2.
In my previous blog, I introduced "Japanese-style room and tour corner no longer available", "change part of the training room", and "how to enter in front of the entrance".
This time, I would like to introduce what other areas are like.

01st floor lobby
I reduced the number of sofas.
I opened the space between the sofa.
Massage machine has been removed.

Men's and women's changing rooms
All one side of the row is disabled.
I've spaced the weeding of one row that can be used.

Vending machine restaurant
Reduced the number of chairs.
Space between tables.

In addition, you bring a mask when you use, for moving and resting in the museumBe sure to wear a maskThank you.

529th March Around the Entrance Gate (Kai)

There are two days left in May.
In Fukuoka Prefecture, 21 people were infected with coronavirus on the 28th, and 22 people and 20 people infected with coronavirus on the 29th were reported in Tokyo every day.
It seems that the emergency declaration has been lifted and the second wave is gradually becoming a reality.

Well, it is around the entrance gate that I was introduced in the blog yesterday, but the temperature check machine is installed today, so I will inform you because it became a part of the change.

Once you have entered and purchased an entrance ticket, you will be taken to the check-in hall. (Members should proceed to the inspection center as it is.)
As shown in the picture below, adjust the position so that the face fits on the screen as approaching the temperature detector.

It is possible to inspect even if you keep the mask, but please take off the hat and heat it.

If you have a flat heat at the top of the screen, you can enter.

In addition, at the time of the inspection 37. If you have more than 5°C, you will not be allowed to enter the park.

When the inspection is finished, please proceed as shown in the photograph below and enter.

May 28th(tree)About the entrance gate area

Today, the first person to have a coronavirus infection in Shizuoka Prefecture, the person who has a re-positive came out.

Little by little recently, there has been a number of people infected with coronavirus.

Try to combat infectious diseases by wearing masks, hand washing, hand-to-hand disinfection, etc.

Now, at Omaezaki City Pool, we are doing various forms of coronavirus infection countermeasures.
This time, it will be an introduction near the entrance gate that everyone passes when entering.

There used to be nothing before the entrance gate, but there was a route to enter as shown in the picture below.

The route to enter is as follows.

There is an alcohol for hand disinfection at the entrance to the path, so please proceed after disinfecting it.

A yellow tape is attached to the route indicating the waiting position.
When it is crowded, please keep the distance from the previous one by 2m and proceed.

5July 27 Training Room Changes

5The month was coming to an end, and the expected maximum temperature on the 27th was forecast to exceed 30 degrees in Shizuoka City.
In addition, professional baseball started with a non-spectator game from June 19, and it is gradually returning to its original life.

Omaezaki Citizen's Pool is held on June 2nd.(Fire)More normal business starts.
This time I will introduce the changes in the training room.

(1) About the machine of aerobic exercise
All aerobic machines are used for up to 35 minutes per car (including cleaning)
Exercise bike machine changed from 8 to 3
Exercise bike is changed to the required reservation system
Treadmill (running machine) can be used number 1, 3, 5, 7, number 2, 4, 6, no. 8 is not available

(2) Free weight area
Admission to the free weight area is limited to 4 people.

(3) Others
Equipment usedI'd like disinfection, please.
During exerciseI do not force you to wear a mask.However, if you wear a mask, be careful of excessive exercise intensity and heat stroke, if you feel stifled, please take measures such as taking a rest without taking off the mask immediately.
In the training roomMinimum conversations requiredIn.

It will be changed as described above.
Please be careful when using.