6May 2nd(Fire)We will resume normal business more
Please read the following carefully.
Precautions for use
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, please observe the following points when using.

・If you are uneasy about your physical condition (if you have symptoms such as fever or cough), we do not allow you to use it.

・Please wear a mask outside of the pool, training room or bathroom.

・Please actively disinfect your fingers.

・Please use the facility within two hours and use it at intervals with the people around you.
Please pay special attention to the sauna and the collection room which are easy to be sealed and closed.

Please refrain from conversation as much as possible when you use it.

・Please wait by car until opening hours to avoid dense

・We do not allow you to use the service of people living outside the prefecture.

・We will impose some restrictions on the use of facilities.
(Part of locker, part of training equipment, tour corner, Japanese-style room)

・In order to avoid dense, some chairs, tables, etc. are removed.

Please refrain from brushing your teeth in the bathroom.

Sauna mat will be removed because it will be used by an unspecified number of

Please spread your towel when using the sauna.

Staff will also wear masks.

・When non-member is using, please fill in your name and telephone number on the back of the admission ticket and put it in the box at the front desk.

・One time of use of the training room aerobic exercise machine is 35 minutes.
(35 minutes including exercise and cleaning time)

・Please use various training machines by giving up each other.

・When entering the museum, we will perform a temperature check and hand disinfection at the entrance. Follow the route

Admission may be restricted depending on the number of users

*The above precautions may be added in the future.

(As of May 27)

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