Reiwa 6 year 1/7(sun)Notice of "Puru Free Trial Let's Exercise with Parents and Children!"

At the Omaezaki Citizen Pool Pururu 2nd floor studio, "Let's do gymnastics with parents and children!" will be held.
●Date & Time: Sunday, January 7, Reiwa 6 10:30~11:30
● Target audience: 3-year-olds (children who have reached their 3rd birthday) ~ younger children and their parents
● Capacity: 15 groups (please apply with one parent per child)

Parent-child exercise satisfies children's desire to be with their parents, increases their motivation to be active, and has a positive effect on the physical and mental development of young children. It can also help your father or mother relieve stress from lack of exercise.
Let's all have fun together!
If you would like to participate, please apply by phone or at the front desk of the Omaezaki Citizen Pool.
We look forward to your participation.

Please see the flyer for details.