10/14Omaezaki Inclusive Festa

Omaezaki Inclusive Festa A soccer class that everyone can enjoy will be held on Saturday, October 14 at the Omaezaki City B&G Ocean Center!
Inclusive means "everyone together", and this soccer class is enjoyed by both disabled and able-bodied people together. This time, you will experience three different forms of football!
You can enjoy a different kind of football than usual, so please join us.
Please see the flyer for details.

9/24(Sun) Announcement of the puppet show "September 0 Great Adventure"

9/24(Sun) We will hold a puppet show "September 0 Great Adventure" at Omaezaki Civic Hall.

A puppet show based on a children's novel,
It is a performance by the famous puppet theater company Hitomi-za on Hyokkori Gourd Island.

This year's performance is sponsored by the Japan Children's Youth Theater Association.
With the subsidy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the ticket price is very cheap!
Please take this opportunity to take a look

Date and time: Sunday, September 24, 2023 Open 13:00 Start 13:30
Venue: Omaezaki Civic Hall
Ticket price: Adults and children (3 years old and over) 800 yen, All seats are unreserved
* Free viewing on the knee for children under 2 years old, and a fee is charged if a seat is required.

Ticket Handling: Omaezaki Citizens' Pool Pururu (open every day until August 31, closed on Mondays after September)
Omaezaki City Library Aspar (closed on Mondays)
Kikugawa Bunka Kaikan Aer (closed on Mondays)

Inquiries: Omaezaki Citizens' Pool Pururu 0537-63-0195

Information on the opening of a store in Pururu Square

During the summer business period, members of the Omaezaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry open one store in front of the entrance of Pururu every day.
Please stop by when you come to Pururu.
* Please note that it may be canceled in case of rain.