Inclusive Fest Blind Soccer Experience

Omaezaki B&G Marine Center will hold the B&G Inclusive Fest "Blind Soccer Experience Event" on Saturday, January 28.
What is inclusive?Everybody together In that sense, it is an event that both people with disabilities and able-bodied people can enjoy together.
Through blind football that does not rely on vision, the aim is to promote awareness and understanding of various disabilities.
On the day of the event, we will invite Kazuyuki Tsuji, who is very successful as a blind soccer player, to experience blind football.
This is an event that anyone can participate in, so please join us.

Notice of Omaezaki Nakashi no Film Festival

3On Sunday, May 5, "Omaezaki Natsukashi no Film Festival 2023" will be held at Omaezaki Civic Hall.

From among the Japan films produced from Showa 14 to Heisei 5
We will screen works that represent the history of cinema and films that have been well received by many people.

This year's screening is a screening of ambitious films by directors who have been active as the face of Japan cinema since 1980.

Tickets are on sale at Omaezaki Civic Pool, Omaezaki City Cultural Center, Aspar City Library, and Kikugawa Bunka Kaikan Aer.

The admission fee is 500 yen for a ticket for all four works.

Please enjoy a gem of a movie at Omaezaki Civic Hall

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