About the performance of the theater company Tanpopo "Rudolph and Ippai Attena"

At Omaezaki Civic Hall,12Saturday, May 10 "Rudolph and Ippai Attena"performances.

Currently, elementary school students who have gathered through open recruitment are practicing dance and singing instruction from the theater company.
In the actual performance, they stand on the same stage as the actors and ♪ liven it up.
Please take a look at the children's efforts.

Tickets are on sale at Omaezaki Civic Pool, Omaezaki City Cultural Center, Omaezaki City Library Aspal, and Kikugawa Bunka Kaikan Aer!
Please come and join us.

Kudo Shigenori Flute Recital Announcement

9Monday 19th (Mon. / holiday) at Omaezaki City Hall

Kudo Shigenori Flute Recital will be held

Internationally active fruitist Shigenori Kudo and his daughter Cecilia Kudo

It is a flute and piano concert

We will hold low-priced and high-quality concerts with the support of the MSI Cultural Foundation.

Tickets will go on sale at August 1 (Mon) 10:00 ~ Omaezaki Municipal Pool.

After August 2 (Tue), at the Omaezaki City Cultural Hall, the City Library Aspar, and the Kikugawa Bunka Kaikan Ael

You can purchase it.

In addition, if you live far away, you can also set aside tickets.

Please call Omaezaki Municipal Pool (0537-63-0195).

Advance tickets are 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for high school students and under.
(* Please refrain from entering preschoolers.) )

Tickets for the puppet show "Fushigi Candy Store, Zenitendo" are on sale

"Children's Book" chosen by elementary school students In 2022, "Fushigi Da Candy Shop Zenitendo", which won the first place in the general election and became a movie and anime, will be performed at the Omaezaki Civic Hall as a puppet show. "Zenitendo" is a mysterious candy store that only lucky customers can reach. Every candy sold by shopkeeper Beniko has a special effect. Please enjoy a mysterious experience by all means.

Cultural exhibitions are held at the Citizen's Pool and Cultural Hall.

We hold an exhibition of Fusako Nobosaka's paintings at the citizen's pool and hisaki Matsui's paintings at the Cultural Hall. Please stop by. In addition, it is possible to exhibit by individuals, so please consult with the citizen pool.

We are waiting for you to fight the infection of the puppet show "September 0th Big Adventure"!

The puppet show "September 0th Big Adventure" will finally be held on January 30

Jun, Riko and Akira, who are in the fourth grade of elementary school,
It is a story that a great adventure in the world where dinosaurs live on "September 0th" which should not exist.

At the Omaezaki City Hall, as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection
We have introduced a new machine that automatically inspects and disinfects temperature.

In addition, by making the number of performances twice,
We are also taking measures to reduce the number of customers who watch at one time.

You'll also have the opportunity to go to a fun event with the long-lasting Corona disaster
I think it's decreased.
Why don't you enjoy a puppet show that will make you feel safe and energetic in the vicinity?

Announcement of the puppet show "September 0th Great Adventure"

Reiwa January 30 (Sun), 2014 We will hold a puppet show "September 0th Great Adventure" at Omaezaki City Hall.
(1) It is a two-time performance of 10:30 and (2) start 13:30.
Tickets are 1 performance, advance adults 1,500 yen, children (3 years old to junior high school students) 500 yen,
2If you are under the age of 20, it is free of charge if you are watching over your lap. (300 yen increase each day)

Tickets are
Omaezaki city pool
Omaezaki City Bunka Kaikan
Omaezaki City Library Aspal
Kikugawa Bunka Kaikan Ael
It is on sale at.

It is a puppet show based on a children's novel by a professional puppet theater company.
Please come by all means.

* Please cooperate in the prevention of the new coronavirus infection.
In the venue, we will operate the business with the highest priority on infectious disease control.

If you have any questions, please contact Omaezaki Citizen's Pool Pururu (TEL):0537-63-0195) to
Closed: Mondays
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.