6September 19th, this summer

Today is the cold season of the rainy season with low temperatures.
From tomorrow, it is expected to be 28 degrees, and there is a difference in temperature of nearly 6 degrees celsius than today's expected maximum temperature.

In such a case, it is easy to get sick, so please be careful about your physical condition.

By the way, it is an outdoor pool that many people use every year、、、

"We will stop operating the outdoor pool this year to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection."

Nationwide, the number of infected people is still continuing, and coronavirus infection was discovered from outside the prefecture on June 19.
Based on this, we decided to cancel the service in consideration of the safety of the people who use it.
*The indoor pool, training room and bathroom are open.

Next year, we will make further preparations so that you can enjoy the outdoor pool under the blue sky.

Thank you for your understanding.