6How to enter non-members

In Tokyo, there were more than 40 people infected with coronavirus every day, but today (June 17) 16 people were confirmed infected.

The number of infected people is becoming more subdued than before, but I would like to reduce the number of people who wear masks during the summer and not increase the number of infected people.

By the way, what I will introduce this time is "how to enter for non-members".
In the past, I entered with my name, address, and phone number on the back of the admission ticket.

6From April 16th, you will now be asked to fill out your name, etc., so please do not make a mistake.

Along with this, it has also been remade in front of the entrance gate, the vicinity of the temperature inspection entrance has been changed.
※ The photograph is a form.

In addition, the form is printed out at home and filled out, the format is posted a link to the homepage.
Please use it by all means.
You can also move to the form from here.