6The rainy season has entered Shizuoka Prefecture on October 10th.

Today, June 10(water)It was declared that shizuoka prefecture had entered the rainy season. (The rainy season is three days later than last year.)

At this time of year, the weather is worse than in May, so I tend to feel depressed.

In such a case, I want to do exercise and change my mind.

A new coronavirus infection has arrived in Atami city today.
I'm worried about my physical condition because I'm an elderly person this time.

After the business resumed, we received flowers from those who have been using it.
Lily and hydrangea.

The orange lily flower words are "brilliant" and "pleasant".

Hydrangea's flower language is "patient love."

Both are very beautiful, and it is a feeling that blows away feelings sunk in the rainy season just by looking at it.