6On September 9th, the pool studio's adult class application sat in.

It's been very hot during the day these days, and life using fans and air conditioners is gradually starting.

In recent years, air conditioners and fans have become a necessity as a measure against heat stroke.

Because of coronavirus, try not to forget heat stroke countermeasures.

Heat stroke...

1. Hydration (Let's take it frequently)
2. Salt supplementation (water alone does not compensate, so let's replenish it with a tablet or the like)
3. Use air conditioners well (use air conditioners, etc. without overdoing them when it's hot)
4. Try to dress cool (use a parasol or hat when you go out)

Let's take measures as described above.

By the way, the adult class of the pool studio classroom has started the application at Omaezaki citizen pool Puru.

I think that there is still anxiety due to the influence of coronavirus, but I hope you will join us.

Corona virus infection measures of Omaezaki Citizen Pool are posted on the top page.
⇒ Herehttps://pururu.org/

In addition, flyers and coronavirus infection measures of each classroom are also posted.
⇒ Herehttps://pururu.org/74388/各教室のご案内/

In addition, the classroom for children starts from each designated time for the studio classroom on June 13 and the pool classroom from the designated time on June 14. Please come to the museum so as not to make a mistake.