June 5th It's been a hot day.

It's been hot every day, but how are you doing?
2021In the first half of 2009, the government er.10 2007 seems to have became able to take the coronavirus vaccine to the public. If the vaccine can be done, the threat of infection will be reduced even a little, so I hope that the vaccine will be completed soon.

By the way, the business of the citizen pool has started, and daily life has returned. I came to feel.

As you know, instead of doing normal business at the citizen pool, we set the rules that must be observed by everyone.

The rules are listed on the top page, but there are also the following people.

Do not wear a mask
Have a loud conversation in the sauna room
Brush your teeth in the bathroom
Do not wait before the museum opens by car
Do not open the distance with others

Such an act becomes a trouble between the person who is used.
As a measure against corona, as manners to use, I think that you can observe the rules.

We hope that each and every one of you will be aware of it and follow the rules for friends and family who are having a close conversation.