6March 3, second day of business reopening

The emergency situation was declared from May, and I think that there are a lot of people who refrained from work and going out in the self-restraint mood.
There are many people who have returned to work in June.

In addition, since it becomes easy to suffer from depression after a larger consecutive holidays than before, and the number of suicides is on the rise, I want to take good care of my heart.

Of course, there are many people who use exercise to take care of their minds.

Refresh your mind and body in the citizens' pool, which is reopening.

By the way, business resumed on June 2, and there were 431 visitors on the first day, and many people came on the first day.

While there are still many restrictions, thank you very much for coming.

With more than 400 people using it, the worry is to be "dense".

The sauna, dressing room, and warm room have small rooms, so please refrain from talking as much as possible.