2020May this year

5March 31 Introduction of changes in the facility

5It is the last day of January, and the season of the rainy season is coming to that point.
I often see people running on the road while they are closed in The Corona Countermeasures.
The temperature is getting higher, so be careful with heat stroke.

Well, the business of Puru will resume from June 2.
In my previous blog, I introduced "Japanese-style room and tour corner no longer available", "change part of the training room", and "how to enter in front of the entrance".
This time, I would like to introduce what other areas are like.

01st floor lobby
I reduced the number of sofas.
I opened the space between the sofa.
Massage machine has been removed.

Men's and women's changing rooms
All one side of the row is disabled.
I've spaced the weeding of one row that can be used.

Vending machine restaurant
Reduced the number of chairs.
Space between tables.

In addition, you bring a mask when you use, for moving and resting in the museumBe sure to wear a maskをお願いします。

529th March Around the Entrance Gate (Kai)

There are two days left in May.
In Fukuoka Prefecture, 21 people were infected with coronavirus on the 28th, and 22 people and 20 people infected with coronavirus on the 29th were reported in Tokyo every day.
It seems that the emergency declaration has been lifted and the second wave is gradually becoming a reality.

Well, it is around the entrance gate that I was introduced in the blog yesterday, but the temperature check machine is installed today, so I will inform you because it became a part of the change.

Once you have entered and purchased an entrance ticket, you will be taken to the check-in hall. (Members should proceed to the inspection center as it is.)
As shown in the picture below, adjust the position so that the face fits on the screen as approaching the temperature detector.

It is possible to inspect even if you keep the mask, but please take off the hat and heat it.

If you have a flat heat at the top of the screen, you can enter.

In addition, at the time of the inspection 37. If you have more than 5°C, you will not be allowed to enter the park.

When the inspection is finished, please proceed as shown in the photograph below and enter.

May 28th(tree)About the entrance gate area

Today, the first person to have a coronavirus infection in Shizuoka Prefecture, the person who has a re-positive came out.

Little by little recently, there has been a number of people infected with coronavirus.

Try to combat infectious diseases by wearing masks, hand washing, hand-to-hand disinfection, etc.

Now, at Omaezaki City Pool, we are doing various forms of coronavirus infection countermeasures.
This time, it will be an introduction near the entrance gate that everyone passes when entering.

There used to be nothing before the entrance gate, but there was a route to enter as shown in the picture below.

The route to enter is as follows.

There is an alcohol for hand disinfection at the entrance to the path, so please proceed after disinfecting it.

A yellow tape is attached to the route indicating the waiting position.
When it is crowded, please keep the distance from the previous one by 2m and proceed.

5July 27 Training Room Changes

5The month was coming to an end, and the expected maximum temperature on the 27th was forecast to exceed 30 degrees in Shizuoka City.
In addition, professional baseball started with a non-spectator game from June 19, and it is gradually returning to its original life.

Omaezaki Citizen's Pool is held on June 2nd.(fire)More normal business starts.
This time I will introduce the changes in the training room.

(1) About the machine of aerobic exercise
All aerobic machines are used for up to 35 minutes per car (including cleaning)
Exercise bike machine changed from 8 to 3
Exercise bike is changed to the required reservation system
Treadmill (running machine) can be used number 1, 3, 5, 7, number 2, 4, 6, no. 8 is not available

(2) Free weight area
Admission to the free weight area is limited to 4 people.

(3) Others
Equipment usedI'd like disinfection, please.
During exerciseI do not force you to wear a mask.However, if you wear a mask, be careful of excessive exercise intensity and heat stroke, if you feel stifled, please take measures such as taking a rest without taking off the mask immediately.
In the training roomMinimum conversations requiredIn.

It will be changed as described above.
Please be careful when using.

5July 24: About Japanese-style room and tour corner

In Tokyo, the cancellation of the declaration of a state of emergency was imminent in response to the success of the number of corona-infected people in sequence.

However, the rate of decline in the number of people on the 23rd has increased by about 60%, and the number of people who go out is increasing.

Shizuoka Prefecture has also been declared a state of emergency, and although there is a certain level of safety, we do not know when the infected person will come out, so I would like to go out with measures against infectious diseases such as masks and hand disinfection firmly.

By the way, we will inform you on the top page of the homepage that the Japanese-style room and the tour corner will be closed as a measure against the corona of the citizen pool.
Some of you may want to relax, but an unspecified number of people will use it, so I would like to ask you to take your time at home.

5On July 22, a vinyl curtain was attached to the reception desk in corona measures.

5A coronavirus infection was confirmed in Ito City on July 21.
It was the first confirmed infection in Shizuoka Prefecture in 20 days from May 1st.
In Omaezaki City, the number of people who have developed the disease has not been confirmed since April 27, but I would like to be careful about measures against infectious diseases and going out in the future.

In the citizen pool, various measures will be taken as a corona antivirus.
This time, it is the installation of the vinyl curtain of the reception front which is one of them.

Recently, it is a vinyl curtain installed in convenience stores, supermarkets, etc., but it is an effective means to prevent splash infection.

When using this service, please refrain from the conversation.

5March 19, reopened date has been decided

5The middle of January passed, and it becoming muggy little by little.
The rainy season in Shizuoka prefecture is just around the corner.

Well, as the title says, we have decided to reopen from June 2.
Omaezaki Citizen Pool Puru
Hamaoka Sports Ground
Omaezaki City B&G Marine Center
Omaezaki Playing Field
Omaezaki City Hall
Omaezaki City Bunka Kaikan

When we reopen our business, we have imposed restrictions on infectious disease countermeasures at each facility.
Please contact the facility for restrictions on each facility.

516th July Masked life continues, but be careful of mouth breathing

5It's the middle of May and it's time to start to be aware of the rainy season little by little.
Well, it was also in the title, it is said that the mouth breathing increases when you wear a mask.
It is good while wearing a mask, but it is easy to breathe in the mouth even when not wearing a mask.

When mouth breathing increases, the virus jumps in immediately without passing through the filter of the nose.

It's not good if that happens.

Be conscious when wearing a mask, breathe through your nose, and be careful not to catch colds or other viruses.

Moderate exercise is also a good way to combat viruses.

This time, it is a experience training that I was introduced in the "exercise class".
2Because it becomes only an event, it is about 5 minutes which is the best to do at home.
It's not difficult, so please give it a try.

5Friday, May 15 End of Emergency Declarations in Various Places

39 prefectures have been officially removed from the state of emergency declaration issued to all prefectures under the New Coronavirus Special Measures Act. In addition, it was announced that it will continue to work on infection prevention, such as refraining from moving across prefectures in an assumption of the second wave.

Shizuoka Prefecture is also included in the prefecture that has been canceled, and there is likely to be a bright prospect that everyday life will return little by little in Omaezaki City.

At Osaki City Pool, the end date of the temporary closure has not been decided, but we will inform you by this homepage (blog, announcement board) and e-mail delivery as soon as it is decided.

It is the recent situation of mowing of the Osaki citizen pool, but the mowing of the pond side on the west side is finished, and it becomes mowing around the parking lot today. I was about to be taken off my feet because of all the slopes, but I was able to cut them all cleanly.

5May 13th Why don't you stretch the towel at home?

In Japan, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection is decreasing little by little, but there are reports that the number of people infected with coronavirus infection has increased again in Wuhan, China.

In Japan, we are now in the direction of lifting the declaration of a state of emergency, but we still have to tighten our concerns even after it is lifted.

By the way, "Towel Stretch" was held as an exercise class last year at Osaki City Pool Pururu.
It is a stretch to stretch the muscle that I do not usually use using a towel.
This content is extracted a little and made into a second kind of video. If I don't go out with coronavirus and stay at home, my muscles will decline, so I want to start with simple exercise and return to my normal life little by little.

In addition, there is a YOUTUBE channel of the citizen pool, so please register there.