5March 31 Introduction of changes in the facility

5It is the last day of January, and the season of the rainy season is coming to that point.
I often see people running on the road while they are closed in The Corona Countermeasures.
The temperature is getting higher, so be careful with heat stroke.

Well, the business of Puru will resume from June 2.
In my previous blog, I introduced "Japanese-style room and tour corner no longer available", "change part of the training room", and "how to enter in front of the entrance".
This time, I would like to introduce what other areas are like.

01st floor lobby
I reduced the number of sofas.
I opened the space between the sofa.
Massage machine has been removed.

Men's and women's changing rooms
All one side of the row is disabled.
I've spaced the weeding of one row that can be used.

Vending machine restaurant
Reduced the number of chairs.
Space between tables.

In addition, you bring a mask when you use, for moving and resting in the museumBe sure to wear a maskI'd like to.