529th March Around the Entrance Gate (Kai)

There are two days left in May.
In Fukuoka Prefecture, 21 people were infected with coronavirus on the 28th, and 22 people and 20 people infected with coronavirus on the 29th were reported in Tokyo every day.
It seems that the emergency declaration has been lifted and the second wave is gradually becoming a reality.

Well, it is around the entrance gate that I was introduced in the blog yesterday, but the temperature check machine is installed today, so I will inform you because it became a part of the change.

Once you have entered and purchased an entrance ticket, you will be taken to the check-in hall. (Members should proceed to the inspection center as it is.)
As shown in the picture below, adjust the position so that the face fits on the screen as approaching the temperature detector.

It is possible to inspect even if you keep the mask, but please take off the hat and heat it.

If you have a flat heat at the top of the screen, you can enter.

In addition, at the time of the inspection 37. If you have more than 5°C, you will not be allowed to enter the park.

When the inspection is finished, please proceed as shown in the photograph below and enter.