May 28th(tree)About the entrance gate area

Today, the first person to have a coronavirus infection in Shizuoka Prefecture, the person who has a re-positive came out.

Little by little recently, there has been a number of people infected with coronavirus.

Try to combat infectious diseases by wearing masks, hand washing, hand-to-hand disinfection, etc.

Now, at Omaezaki City Pool, we are doing various forms of coronavirus infection countermeasures.
This time, it will be an introduction near the entrance gate that everyone passes when entering.

There used to be nothing before the entrance gate, but there was a route to enter as shown in the picture below.

The route to enter is as follows.

There is an alcohol for hand disinfection at the entrance to the path, so please proceed after disinfecting it.

A yellow tape is attached to the route indicating the waiting position.
When it is crowded, please keep the distance from the previous one by 2m and proceed.