5July 27 Training Room Changes

5The month was coming to an end, and the expected maximum temperature on the 27th was forecast to exceed 30 degrees in Shizuoka City.
In addition, professional baseball started with a non-spectator game from June 19, and it is gradually returning to its original life.

Omaezaki Citizen's Pool is held on June 2nd.(fire)More normal business starts.
This time I will introduce the changes in the training room.

(1) About the machine of aerobic exercise
All aerobic machines are used for up to 35 minutes per car (including cleaning)
Exercise bike machine changed from 8 to 3
Exercise bike is changed to the required reservation system
Treadmill (running machine) can be used number 1, 3, 5, 7, number 2, 4, 6, no. 8 is not available

(2) Free weight area
Admission to the free weight area is limited to 4 people.

(3) Others
Equipment usedI'd like disinfection, please.
During exerciseI do not force you to wear a mask.However, if you wear a mask, be careful of excessive exercise intensity and heat stroke, if you feel stifled, please take measures such as taking a rest without taking off the mask immediately.
In the training roomMinimum conversations requiredIn.

It will be changed as described above.
Please be careful when using.