5July 24: About Japanese-style room and tour corner

In Tokyo, the cancellation of the declaration of a state of emergency was imminent in response to the success of the number of corona-infected people in sequence.

However, the rate of decline in the number of people on the 23rd has increased by about 60%, and the number of people who go out is increasing.

Shizuoka Prefecture has also been declared a state of emergency, and although there is a certain level of safety, we do not know when the infected person will come out, so I would like to go out with measures against infectious diseases such as masks and hand disinfection firmly.

By the way, we will inform you on the top page of the homepage that the Japanese-style room and the tour corner will be closed as a measure against the corona of the citizen pool.
Some of you may want to relax, but an unspecified number of people will use it, so I would like to ask you to take your time at home.