4Gw approached on March 26th.

In the past few days, there have been people infected with coronavirus in Kakegawa City in a row, and I feel very close to them.
GW is approaching, and the weather continues to make you want to go out.

I want to cooperate with society as a whole so as not to increase the number of people infected with coronavirus even a little by spending time at home.

By the way, it is mowing the grass of the citizen pool, but it is advancing little by little.
The site is so large that it has not been harvested yet, but the weeds near the cherry tree are gradually disappearing.

Let's do our best and "stay home!!!

Mowing the grass

After mowing the grass

4On July 24, a person infected with Coronavirus also appeared in Omaezaki City.

As the title said, there was a coronavirus infection in Osaki City.
This may affect you in many places, but let's spend time at home calmly.
During Golden Week, the Citizen's Pool Pururu, B&G Marine Center, Hamaoka Sports Ground, Osaki Sports Ground, Civic Hall, and Bunka Kaikan will be temporarily closed. (Citizen's Pool Pururu is closed for the time being, and the business reopening date has not been decided.) )

By the way, the work of Osaki citizen pool is currently mowing the grass on the site.
Because it is done by several people, it seems that it will still take several days for the grass cutting to finish.

The azalea of the open-air bath is blooming beautifully♪

Unfortunately, it is not available to customers because it is temporarily closed, but the open-air bath's singing has bloomed beautifully!
I hope you can see the image alone and feel at home.

In addition, satozakura in the south parking lot is also in full season!
Please see here as well♪

#見頃 #サトザクラ #つつじ #御前崎 #臨時休館 #御前崎市民プール #ぷるる

April 20: Cancellation of various classes

In Omaezaki City, the blockade of municipal parking lot was decided.
The effects of the national emergency declaration have also occurred close to home, and the number of people infected in Shizuoka Prefecture has increased day by day.
Gw is getting closer, but try not to stay at home as much as possible and not be infected with coronavirus.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various classrooms and events scheduled to be held will be canceled until the end of June.

We will refund the unheld amount, but we will contact you again after we reopen the business with regard to the refund period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding.
With regard to future business plans, we will contact you on our website and e-mail again, taking into account social conditions.
*See below for the classrooms and events covered.

Citizen's pool
First stage pool class all classes
First Studio Class All Classes
Hamaoka Sports Ground
First Stage Tennis Class All Classes
B&G Marine Center
Recreation in the gymnasium (5/9, 6/13)
First Stage Stretch Pole & Pilates Class
1st Runrun Early Childhood Exercise Class
First Stage Run Run Infant Exercise Class
First stage trampoline class all classes
Cultural class
・Cultural class April-June (practical writing basic class, Suzuki Reika painting class)

Citizen's pool
Nordic Walking Course (4/26, 5/23)
4/21 Exercise class (improve and prevent stiff shoulders and back pain)
Kids Dance Experience Class (4/22, 5/13, 5/20)
B&G Marine Center
・Trampoline "Pyeongpyeong" Experience Party 4/29 (Water Holiday)

4March 18 Shizuoka Prefecture also declared a state of emergency

A national emergency was declared, and shizuoka prefecture as a whole avoided unnecessary and non-urgent outings.
Regardless of outdoor or indoor activities, I would like to wait at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

There was a prefecture where heavy rain rained today and it went out to the flood warning, too.
Was your home safe?

Well, today I removed the water stains that were attached to the bathroom window.

In the old days, I cleaned the window of the bathroom with an open-air bath, but this time there is no open-air bath.

It was not something that could be easily removed from the water stain itself, but it was rubbed over and over again and taken using drugs.

I have not removed everything, but I would like to take the water stains on the windows little by little after tomorrow.

4The cherry blossom season is over on July 17th.

The cherry blossoms of Osaki Citizen's Pool also scattered, and the green young leaves came out.
5When the moon comes, the plants and trees grow and the pleasant season comes.

4A state of emergency was declared nationwide on May 16, and it seems that the coronavirus is finally approaching in Shizuoka Prefecture.
I want to tighten my feelings once again.

I varnished the rattan chair used when using the bath.
It was a chair that I had been using for many years, and the tinge was getting gone.
I varnished it so that I could use it for as long as 100 years.

In addition, the board with the old rattan shelf was very old and was crispy.
I put up a new board.

4It's getting warmer on The 15th of July.

It was very warm today and I could feel spring every day.

News of coronavirus flows every day, and shizuoka prefecture can be expected to spread in the future.

I think that there are still many people who are still working, but please be careful about your physical condition.

Click here for the coronavirus situation in Shizuoka → https://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/kinkyu/covid-19.html

Well, it is "Osaki City B&G Marine Center" managed by Osaki City Promotion Corporation, but the line of the parking lot disappeared several years ago and the line was drawn, but it was re-reopened at the time of temporary closure.

Because it is outdoors, the line disappears quickly even if painting is done, and it is necessary to pull it frequently.

We will continue to pull you back if it is about to disappear so that you can park in the correct position.

〇 Before pulling the line

〇 After pulling the line

414th Of July, the spring storm has passed.






The satzakura began to bloom.




4July 11, we're repairing the rattan shelves in the dressing room.

Although the number of people infected with coronavirus is 37 in Shizuoka Prefecture, there were reports that more than 190 people a day were infected in Tokyo.
It may be soon that a big wave will come to Shizuoka Prefecture.
Are you prepared to prevent infection?
Take all possible measures, including hand washing, to prevent the spread of infection.

Well, if you use the bathroom, I think that there are many people who often see it.
It was a rattan shelf in the dressing room, but it was scraped by rubbing with a rattan basket.

Already, only one of the dressing room's work has been performed, but we removed the parts that are not clear and repaired the parts that have been shaved.

All the staff are working hard so that everyone can use it comfortably.