4March 18 Shizuoka Prefecture also declared a state of emergency

A national emergency was declared, and shizuoka prefecture as a whole avoided unnecessary and non-urgent outings.
Regardless of outdoor or indoor activities, I would like to wait at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

There was a prefecture where heavy rain rained today and it went out to the flood warning, too.
Was your home safe?

Well, today I removed the water stains that were attached to the bathroom window.

In the old days, I cleaned the window of the bathroom with an open-air bath, but this time there is no open-air bath.

It was not something that could be easily removed from the water stain itself, but it was rubbed over and over again and taken using drugs.

I have not removed everything, but I would like to take the water stains on the windows little by little after tomorrow.