4It's getting warmer on The 15th of July.

It was very warm today and I could feel spring every day.

News of coronavirus flows every day, and shizuoka prefecture can be expected to spread in the future.

I think that there are still many people who are still working, but please be careful about your physical condition.

Click here for the coronavirus situation in Shizuoka → https://www.pref.shizuoka.jp/kinkyu/covid-19.html

Well, it is "Osaki City B&G Marine Center" managed by Osaki City Promotion Corporation, but the line of the parking lot disappeared several years ago and the line was drawn, but it was re-reopened at the time of temporary closure.

Because it is outdoors, the line disappears quickly even if painting is done, and it is necessary to pull it frequently.

We will continue to pull you back if it is about to disappear so that you can park in the correct position.

〇 Before pulling the line

〇 After pulling the line