4July 11, we're repairing the rattan shelves in the dressing room.

Although the number of people infected with coronavirus is 37 in Shizuoka Prefecture, there were reports that more than 190 people a day were infected in Tokyo.
It may be soon that a big wave will come to Shizuoka Prefecture.
Are you prepared to prevent infection?
Take all possible measures, including hand washing, to prevent the spread of infection.

Well, if you use the bathroom, I think that there are many people who often see it.
It was a rattan shelf in the dressing room, but it was scraped by rubbing with a rattan basket.

Already, only one of the dressing room's work has been performed, but we removed the parts that are not clear and repaired the parts that have been shaved.

All the staff are working hard so that everyone can use it comfortably.