April 8 (Wed. ) In response to the declaration of a state of emergency

Omaezaki City Promotion Public Corporation has six facilities under management.
Four of them, "Omaezaki Civic Pool Pururu", "Omaezaki City B&G Marine Center", "Omaezaki Civic Hall", and "Omaezaki City Cultural Center", are currently temporarily closed.

In addition, "Omaezaki Sports Ground" and "Hamaoka General Sports Ground" are open, but due to the closure of elementary and junior high schools from April 11 (Sat.) ~ April 24 (Fri.), elementary and junior high school students will be asked to refrain from using them.

Let's be aware of each person, strive to prevent infection so that loved ones do not suffer, and stay at home.

Well, the glass of the bathhouse of the citizen pool was fogged up like frosted glass. I cleaned it little by little over two days.

There are still some parts that are still cloudy, but the window is much more transparent than at the beginning.