About the "Omaezaki Natsushi Film Festival"

We will inform you from Omaezaki Citizen's Pool.
2020Sunday, March 1, 2010At Omanezaki City Hall"Omaezaki Nostalgic Film Festival"を開催します。
From among Japanese films produced from 1949 to 1993, four works full of charm of unique actors
The Three Villains of the Hidden Fort, Notorial, The Man Who Calls the Storm, and The Desertion of DawnYou can enjoy

Ticket fee: 500 yen per person (4 tickets)
*Ticket sales start2020Saturday, January 11, 2010, 10:00 a.m. –

For details, please contact Omaezaki Citizen's Pool.

100Held at The Omaezaki City Hall, a cat that lived all over the world!

Today, a million live cats will be held at Omaezaki City Hall!

There are still many same-day tickets, so please come and join us after inviting your family!

Same-day ticket Adult 1,800 yen Child 800 yen

Physical fitness measurement meeting is being held! !

Annual once every six months!
Physical fitness measurement meeting is being held! !
We can measure for free, so please feel free to come.

Canoe experience event was held♪

A free canoeing experience in the outdoor pool was held!!
Of course, my friends who are looking forward to it every year♪
Everyone who took the canoe for the first time today was enjoying being able to row very well♪

Held a spray water battle

Today, we held our second water-like battle at Kinsu Square next to the B&G Marine Center.

Fine weather from the morning45 friends from nine teams participated in the battle under the blue sky.

The winner was a "naughty chatter". Congratulations.

A lot of friends participated, and it was a fun event. Thank you very much.

We look forward to seeing you next time.

SUP workshop held

This year's SUP experience was held for the third time.
Last time it was canceled due to a typhoon, but we were able to hold it today.
It's just windy.The condition was a little bad.

This time, my elementary school friends also participated, and i experienced the SUP experience as usual in the first half, and the second half of the big SUP.

Both were not in good condition this year, but it seemed to be enjoying it.

0Fukumimi concerts from the age of

We will inform you from Omaezaki Citizen's Pool.
9月14日(土)At Omanezaki City Hall"Fukumi Concert from the Age of 0"を開催します。
(Start 13:30/ Performance 14:45(planned)

This concert is a classical concert by a real orchestra.
Moreover, since it is intended for preschoolers, it is okay to cry in the middle of the concert
Please take this opportunity to listen to the live orchestral performance.

*Admission to the concert is for preschoolers and their families.
Numbered tickets are also required to enter. Omaezaki Citizen's Pool Pururu, Omaezaki City Cultural Hall,
It is being distributed at the library Aspar.
Please come by all means.

Puru are women's bathroom using restart

Today, the women's bathroom was closed, but the ceiling has been repaired, so we will resume use.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Using the cancellation of the women's bathroom

Today 8/6(fire)In order to repair the ceiling of the women's changing room on the 2nd floor, we have canceled use of the women's bathroom.
As soon as the repair is completed, we will resume use.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Announcement of the swimming experience workshop

9The swimming experience class will start on Tuesday, March 3.
I want to play in the pool during the summer and swim more! I think that there are many people who thought that.
You who thought so!
Let's take this opportunity to challenge.
4It's a 10-day experience, so you can feel free to join us.
For details, please refer to the attached flyer.
We look forward to your participation!