2019May this year

Notice of temporary staff recruitment

How about working at Osaki Citizen's Pool Pururu!?

Pururu is looking for temporary summer staff.
The job description and customer service at the reception desk.

Job Openings Front Desk

3 to 4 regular staff

Hourly salary 890 yen

In-to Citizen Pool Pururu Front Desk Business

Working hours 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (1-hour break)
* Consultation for working hours (4-hour work is also possible)

Work form About 3-4 days a week, priority given to those who can work on weekends and holidays

Men and women aged 18 years old (not allowed) to 65 years old
No necessary experience required

Waiting, uniform lending

Inquiries Citizen Pool Pururu Yamazaki in charge of 1581-1 Miyauchi, Yosaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture

O-Edo puppet theater "yaji-San Kita-San tonnhinnkann trip" was held.

I'm familiar with that Hyokori Hyotan Island today.
It was a performance of the puppet theater company Hitomiza!

I was amused to hear the famous story "Tokaido Naka knee chestnut hair♪

Yashi-san's Kitha-san also stopped by Yosaki on the way!
I was happy~ ♪

Doll's adorable thing!
Next time by all means!
Please see it at the venue!

Come to think of it, Hitomiza celebrated its 70th anniversary and sold commemorative goods.
Yadsan's Hand Wipe is Also Cute!
Please take a look somewhere♪

O-Edo puppet theater "yaji-San Kita-San tonnhinnkann trip ' of performance today!

The performance of Oedo puppet show "Yadzu-san Kitya-san Ton-tonkan Rare Road" is coming soon!

On the rare road that starts after causing a big failure in the big eating tournament of manju!

laugh! excitement! For 90 minutes that happens! !

There is also a ticket on the day!

Please take a look at the venue!

Performance date: Sunday, May 19
Doors open: 13:00
Start: 13:30
Price: Adult 1,800 yen / child 800 yen on the day

PR videos are here→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg38GmjWp9Y&t=1s

Flyers are here → https://pururu.org/74388/2019/04/10/御前崎で大笑い!!「大江戸人形喜劇 弥次さん/