Rates, rules, etc.

swimming pool swimming pool

Precautions for use

Please observe the following points when using this service.

・We do not allow people who are worried about their physical condition (those with symptoms such as fever or cough).

※ The above precautions may be changed or added in the future

Shop inside and outside swimming pool regulations / Fees & hours of operation
Use of our facilities, please shop turned inside and outside swimming pool available please read below be sure to arrive.

Women's dressing room

Women's mirror space

Men's dressing room

To the hotel guests
-Accompanied children under 3 years are not even use of the facilities.

-How to use diapers is not available.

And third grade students and younger children are always parents(High school students and above)Please accompany me.
You can lead up to two people per parent.(Parents enters)
18At junior high school students and younger is being accompanied by a parent.

And visitors with pets are strictly prohibited.

-Admission of gangs is prohibited.

And the refuse admission to next.
(1) those with drunk
(2) those with potentially infectious skin disease, trauma, or infectious disease
(3) better water, and the movement is restricted due to other reasons

-Facility do not bring alcoholic beverages and dangerous goods.

-The premises are non smoking. Please refrain from smoking.

-The Act would cause annoyance to other users is strictly prohibited.

-Follow the instruction in the shopping center.

-Lock pool dressing room, bathroom and dressing room, shoe locker and valuables should manage on your own. Lost and stolen our any hotel is not responsible.

-Concerning theft in the hotel parking, accidents, the establishment will not be responsible 10 minutes please note.

Usage fee
Personal use

* All prices are tax included.
☆ ☆ day ticket, purchased at vending machines.
Present the disability lobby ☆ disabled people.
☆ You can use the pool, training room (high school students and older), and bathroom for a fee.
Membership available

Apply for admission at the front desk!.
Available in your member area ☆ corporate citizen's swimming pool sliding contact you.

Ya information both inside and outside swimming pool

Contact us here
Closed / every Sundays, year-end/new year holiday